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Customer Lifecycle & Implementation Readout

At OCR Services, Gerry successfully streamlined the customer journey from sales to implementation to customer support in approximately three months.  Using the concept of people, processes, and tools, the organization now has full transparency to where each customer is within their lifecycle and the health status of the account.

Gerry's Role
  • Research and understand the current state of the customer journey

  • Document the various touchpoints of different departments along the customer journey 

  • Transform the reactive process into a proactive approach

  • Implement automation (where possible) to reduce administrative errors concerning customers’ account profiles, invoicing, profiling, and onboarding

  • Implement tools (software applications) to standardize the process and provide transparency to the organization.

The Results
  • Teams and departments like customer support saw a proactive approach to onboarding clients to the help desk tool as a handoff from the implementation team.

  • Business Development and Implementation teams saw a 33% quicker transition period from the time of closing the business to the implementation initiation phase (kick-off call).

  • The CTO, Engineering, and Product Management organizations saw a 67% increase in customer-reported issues, feature requests, and product vote requests.  This resulted in a more customer-centric road map and proactive approach to release cycle management.

  • Business Development saw a 13% growth for renewals based on engagement and relationship monitoring efforts from the health status readout report.

Implementing ClickUp
ClickUp Productivity Application

Gerry used ClickUp, an all-in-one productivity app, to streamline the customer journey and create standardized processes for Business Development, Customer Success, Implementation, and Support,

Documenting the Flow:

Gerry documented the customer journey focusing department swimlanes & system components.

Customer Journey Workflow Document
Business Development Handoff Form
Providing a Smooth Transition

Gerry leverages ClickUp's Forms and Integration with Salesforce, allowing the Business Development Team to transition the opportunity to the Implementation team seamlessly.

Customer Success would proactively staff the implementation team based on the opportunity summary and resource bandwidth.

Kanban board for Implementation Staff
Customer Health Status

The Implementation Phase at OCR can be quite extensive.  Gerry implemented a weekly Health status report equipped with a transparent dashboard for all accounts. 


The Red, Yellow, and Green board was equipped with automation to alert key personnel (Business Development, Engineering, Customer Support) based on status and reason.

Management Dashboard
Account Status Kanban Board
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