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EASE Modernization

EASE is a SaaS global trade management platform serving Aerospace and Defense, Manufacturing, Medical, and Government verticals. The platform was dated, requiring a tech stack overhaul and a brand-new UI/UX approach.  Under Gerry's leadership, the key project sprints took 20% less time to complete and saw a 31% improvement on customer onboarding via UX changes.

Gerry's Role
  • Design high-fidelity prototypes using Figma based on User Research and Relationships through Customer Success channels.

  • Converted prototypes to technical specifications and SRDs for full stack development team.

  • Lead user focus groups and the beta user selection process, enrollment, and data collection work streams for the project.

  • Translated user feedback to feature requests and tracked development backlog via Trello and Kira.

The Results
  • EM Beta version launch was released ahead of the initially forecasted schedule.

  • The beta version included 22% more user-centric and sponsored feature requests than initially forecasted.

  • User adoption for the Beta version saw a 31% increase in views and usage compared to previous technology stack and UI upgrades.

Leveraging Trello

Here is an example of how Gerry used a kanban board in Trellow to manage feature development and backlog items.

Trello board for development backlog
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